Tuesday 10 January 2012

New years, mods & glitches


Happy new year and all that, another year's sneaked up on us when we weren't looking and kicked us up the arse before beginning to sprint away again.

We were kept busy leading up to Xmas making a little gift for our mates at FXpansion to give away over the festive period - a circuitbent expansion pack for their sampling drum software monster Geist.

We've a fair collection of bent drum machines so sampled off a huge chunk of both hits and loops for the expansion pack. A new and most welcome addition to our glitch-ridden armoury is our trusty Akai S01 sampler which has been modded to now include a 5x5 switched glitch/grind/audio madness matrix. The work was done by those twisted boffins at www.circuitbenders.co.uk who have modded a few things for us in the past. And I have to say it's bloody fab!

Geist users can find the circuitbent pack waiting for them once they have logged into their FXpansion account. For non-Geist users you can check out some of the bent drum loops on our soundcloud page here

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