Saturday 5 February 2011

Introducing GCHQ v2.0

Happy new year! Okay a little bit...okay...a lot late but we still hope 2011 is finding you fit and well. Big things gwan here over Xmas as finally the beat lair, GCHQ v2.0 was finished and we moved the quite frankly frightening amount of audio tat we had stored in and got comfy in what we hope will now be our permanent home.

As you can see in he end we still had to pack it in a little bit but it's great to have so much natural light to work in for the first time and more space (although it might not look like it ;). It was a long time coming but well worth it.

Of course the space issue wasn't helped by the new arrival of the Hammond '69 L-101 organ, noisy and chocked full of valves it's rather fab.

We also grabbed a Kodak Zi8 HD small video recorder to try and spur us into doing some more video blogs, yeah we know don't hold your breath ;) It's a nifty little camera tho, only downside is its native mov format that's not the easiest thing to edit on a PC, yes we don't all use macs ;P

Anyway that's all for now hopefully post again very soon.