Wednesday 15 August 2007

More Stevie

Another couple of Stevie bombs.

Here and here

Right back to work !-)

Get back to work!

Okay, okay we should be working (UK grime and tings for Computer Music), but stumbled across this

Future-retro-groovalious baby!

Sunday 12 August 2007

Couple of youtube gems

Okay it's been a lazy Sunday (helped along with a few pints and a pub lunch) so we plop in front of the computer and for the first time in ages have a peek at youtube (as you do) and found these couple of gems;

First up is Stevie Wonder rippin' it up on the kit - bloody fantastic.

Second is a really well put together little piece on the Amen break - this has done the rounds a bit (and not much to look at!) but worth sitting through if you've not seen it.

Saturday 11 August 2007


We’ve had a bit of a clear out here at GCHQ. We’re real gear hoarders so sometimes we have to be firm with ourselves and let some stuff go we don’t really use or want any more. As well as a stack of guitar pedals (we just luv ‘em) we also said goodbye to our Powertrain T2000 analogue mono synth.
Originally supplied in kit form this synth was a bit of an impulse buy and never really worked (found out since 2 of the chips had gone) – we used it as a synth FX generator for a while but never really got much use out of it. Anyway it’s gone to a good home and is well on the way to being restored back into full working order.

Of course us being us, when something goes another bit of gear is sure to replace it ……so hello our V1 Sherman Filterbank!
Haven’t had time to get into it yet as we’ve been pretty busy poppin’ and lockin’ (see last post), but we’ll post a report when we give it a good run out. Apparently it’s a bit of a beast – sounds good to us!

Desperately seeking Linn

Apologies for the lull in posting but we’ve been at full tilt finishing the latest commission for next months FM. The theme is 80’s b-boy electro (think “Planet Rock”, “King of the beats” etc), and we wanted to hire a Linn LM1 or Linndrum to get some totally authentic samples from this groundbreaking drum machine that really helped shape the sound of early 80’s dance and pop music.

Anyway could we find one? Three of the big hire companies either had sold their advertised unit (try updating your websites/stock sheets whydon’tya!) or it wasn’t working after being left under a blanket of dust for years! Anyway after a chance meeting with a great bloke called James, it transpires he had an LM-1 we could borrow. Not only was it in really good nick it was also one of the 30 or so that the great Rodger Linn made himself in his garage before the units were produced in a factory. A really rare bit of drum machine history that still sounds great! Huge thanks to James for lending it to us.