Sunday 30 November 2008

Ho Ho Ho

We'd like to throw out a huge well done to Mr Hoodee for completing this years Bury ST Edmunds 2 km Santa run for the East Anglia Children's Hospice charity.
We're hoping this out of character burst of exercise will make him lay off the drum kit for a few days!

Wednesday 12 November 2008

The Good

Finally got our collective butts around to getting a full electronic drum kit installed in GCHQv2.0. Many thanks (as ever) to Simon Edgoose, from our percussive squadron, for making a custom rack to attach it all to (only had a limited space to squeeze it into) and helping us set it all up.

This means a fond farewell to our Drum Kat which is on it's way to another drummer contact and plenty of reasonably quiet practicing of our rather meagre drum chops.

The bad

Mood is a wee bit sour around GCHQv2.0 at the mo due to losing over half a months worth of work because of a single lousy email that never arrived at it's destination. Mr Hoodee was so furious that water was condensing around him from the air giving him his own cloud of steam.

As a team that makes it's collective living from the joys of technology, it can still be a bastard some times and perhaps not something to be totally relied on blindly all the time.

And The Ugly

Here's a quick preview of lensmaster Richard Ecclestones latest snap for Future Music.

4 Mr Hoodee's, oh how we shivered.......
Moog looks nice tho!