Wednesday 26 October 2011

DX Digital watching

We've just finished putting together a set of classic digital synth samples for a forthcoming issue of Future Music magazine concentrating on a couple of synths from the (in)famous Yamaha DX range - a Dx7 (Mk2D) and it's smaller cousin a DX100.
Oddly enough this was the first time we'd really used either of these synths and although we knew broadly what to expect sound and programming -wise, we still found them quite an unusual experience to geet our heads around compared to the feature-rich soft-synths or knob-heavy analogues we usually use.
Out of the two we actually preferred the smaller Dx100, which although under-powered and armed with rather horrible mini keys has a charm of it's own and still retains that very distinctive DX/FM feel and sound.

Of course you can find some samples taken from both synths at our soundcloud page here and a more extensive set will be available on the DVD of Future Music issue 247.

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