Monday 20 June 2011



Quick update on the what gwan/self promotion front. Please don't adjust your set...
Just finished a set of analogue bass samples for DMS taken from the synth collection here at GCHQ.

The list of beauties we grappled with in the name of low end bliss appears, er, below.

Moog Little Phatty (Tribute)
Roland SH101
Roland Juno-60
Yamaha CS01
Yamaha CS05
Jomox MBase 01
Waldorf pulse
Novation bass station
FAT freebass FB383
Dave Smith Mopho

Just to add some extra warmth we also ran a good chunk of them to tape (reel to reel 4 track).

We've posted a small taster selection for you to download and play with on our soundcloud page here. The full pack contains 80 bass WAV samples (16bit/44.1 sampled at C) plus Kontakt patches and Soundfont data. All for the price of a couple of pints - bargin if we do say so ourselves ;) You can take a look at the pack in more detail here.

Analogue Bass taster by groovecriminals

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