Friday 5 November 2010

CV fun part 03

Ahh the theremin, quite probably one of the most difficult things to play we've ever come across, of course it might well just be us. The above beauty is a Moog Etherwave Plus we managed to blag for this set of samples for two main reasons; one, we thought it'll be fab to have a go on one (it is) and two, it comes complete with CV outputs for pitch, volume and gate. This means it can be used as an interesting controller for the analogue synths.

The above video shows how the Etherwave can be used to control the filter and gate on the Moog Little phatty via CV. The pitch (upright) aerial is controlling the filter cutoff point and the Volume aerial (the horizontal loop) is working the gate. The sequence is being triggered from an Future Retro orb hardware sequencer via midi. We used the Orb a lot during this sample commission as it has CV outputs as well as midi in/out.

Of course we couldn't have the Etherwave in our grubby liitle mitts without attempting to play it in a more 'traditional' manner, in fact as we own a couple of theremins you'd think we'd be pretty good at flapping away behind one - you'd be wrong. But anyway here's a few examples of some spooky wooowwweeeewwooowaaaawwwoo noises we coaxed out of it.

As with the rest of this CV theme there's a full set of samples on the cover DVD of the next issue of Future Music (issue 234).


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