Thursday 4 November 2010

CV fun part 02

Next up in our CV fun day set of samples was our extensive range of Moogerfoogers. Regular readers will know we love these little beauties so really needed no more encouragement for a play. Because of all the extensive CV in/out options it's quite possible to chain the 'foogers together to create a very basic modular synth. The sound source was provided by a waveform from the CP-251 or Osc output from the FreqBox. This was then filtered, modulated, delayed, sent through the ring mod and Murf - all synced (or not) with CV signals via the CP-251 control processor.

The above video give a taste of the sort of thing, apologies for the quality, video's not our strong point, plus MR Hoodee appears to be the size of a house (or expecting) in his un-ironed shirt! Oh how we chuckled, he however hasn't seen the funny side of it and is sulking ;)

ANYWAY, as ever there's some examples for your sampling pleasure here

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