Saturday 11 April 2009

Bit of an ebay find, no work today then!

Another reason for our lack of progress today (see post below) came in the form of a surprise from Ebay. We knew we were getting a Korg MR-16 midi drum module with some kind of pitch mod but when we fished it out of out blue wheelie bin (been away for a few days - don't ask) it appears to have been circuit bent to hell (a good thing).
With no manual or instructions (the unbent unit needs neither as it's pretty easy to use and contains 16 sampled drum sounds you trigger via midi) we had a fun couple of hours trying to work out what the 16 switches, single pot and rca patch bay did.

Of course we still don't really know as random effects and sounds are the real beauty of circuit bent instruments, but had a great time mucking about with it. Would hve uploaded a video but were a bit dissapointed in the quality of the earlier one (below) so didn't - just crap film makers I'm afraid :-/

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