Thursday 26 June 2008

To sell or not to sell

Hello again.

Two posts in one day, unheard of!

As you can probably guess there's not much work going on at GCHQ today, due to MR Hoodees daughter being ill and currently mooching around in her PJ's not looking half as under the weather as she did earlier....hmmmm.

Anyway, it's a good time to put some more thoughts (okay, ramblings) down about recent goings on here at the lab. Due to having a Moog to pay for, we've been sifting through the gear list and letting go of a few bits and bobs (physically having to prise them from Mr Hoodee's tearful grasp normally).

We've tried to be honest about gear we don't use/have upgraded from, but still find actually getting rid of stuff a bit of a shock to the system. Like most people who chance a hand at making music we've had a fair few bits of kit pass through our greedy grasp but nothing much from way back that we REALLY regret letting go of...Well except for a Novation bass station and our huge early hiphop record collection, but it was a long time ago (10 years maybe!) and we needed the money. A painful memory not helped by the fact we were done over on both by some skillful shop owners in the west end - the 'good' old days before Ebay.

What made the cut this time was our Emu Mo'phatt module, A-station synth and Sherman Filterbank. The first two are solid (if not particularly exciting) bits of kit that served us well but never really got hammered usage-wise. As for the Sherman, it was a V1 filterbank and a great bit of gear but one we never really got along with (it says more about us than the unit to be honest). Non-muso's may laugh, but some bits of gear you 'bond' with (okay, that's actually making me giggle in it's arty-farty pomposity, but there you go) and others you just never get on with and tend to leave standing around (looking cool) until circumstance forces you let 'em go.

Of course this new found 'ifwehaven'tuseditsellthebloodythingwe'renotexactlyrollingincash' attitude hasn't stopped us from wading through Ebay in search of goodies, oh no....

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