Monday 16 June 2008

Moog baby Yeahhh!

Okay, we're pretty one dimensional when it comes to our interests, so when we decided that a prezzie was in order as a plain and simple bribe after a hard couple of months work it was going to be something for the studio.

We kinda had our eye on a Moog of some sort and when this little beauty popped up for sale locally we just had to have it.

It's a Moog Little Phatty (Bob Moog tribute edition), in fact it's a ltd edition one with DVD and poster - number 1054 of 1200.

Yes we've always wanted a Moog

Yes we love it

Yes we've been like kids in a sweet shop (or mobile phone shop nowadays)

Yes it's sounds sooo fat and warm

And yes we're worth it !-)

.....Well kinda