Saturday 11 August 2007

Desperately seeking Linn

Apologies for the lull in posting but we’ve been at full tilt finishing the latest commission for next months FM. The theme is 80’s b-boy electro (think “Planet Rock”, “King of the beats” etc), and we wanted to hire a Linn LM1 or Linndrum to get some totally authentic samples from this groundbreaking drum machine that really helped shape the sound of early 80’s dance and pop music.

Anyway could we find one? Three of the big hire companies either had sold their advertised unit (try updating your websites/stock sheets whydon’tya!) or it wasn’t working after being left under a blanket of dust for years! Anyway after a chance meeting with a great bloke called James, it transpires he had an LM-1 we could borrow. Not only was it in really good nick it was also one of the 30 or so that the great Rodger Linn made himself in his garage before the units were produced in a factory. A really rare bit of drum machine history that still sounds great! Huge thanks to James for lending it to us.

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Anonymous said...


just stumbled across the site.

keep it up with the vintage drum machine posts - an obsession of mine, too!

wanted to ask, what was the serial number of that old Linn LM-1 you borrowed?