Tuesday 21 September 2010

On the move (again)

"ahh come in Mr Bond, I've been expecting you..."

There's a good reason Mr Hoodee's sat doing his best Gold Finger impression in the above shot (taken by Ecki on our last FM shoot) and that's it was the last time GCHQ (v.1.2) was seen in all its slightly cluttered glory. Yup after nearly 3 years (see the blog entry for Jan 2008 here) in our 'temp' home, we've had to pack up and in preparation for the builders to finally knock it down and build something a little more sturdy, solid, warmer....you get the picture.

Moving studio is never easy, especially as we've had to downsize our rig to fit it into our new temp working space whilst the building work begins around our ears. This meant a week of boxing, unplugging, unracking, re-racking, swearing, many leads coiled and many, many cups of tea consumed.
Our new (temp) home is in a spare room which at least is going to be warmer in the impending winter and the roof's not going to be in constant danger of leaking either!

As we cleared and boxed the gear away it really was amazing just how much audio tat we managed to squeeze into GCHQ v1.1 - at least this move we didn't find anything we'd got off Ebay and hadn't actually ever even plugged in...Okay we did but how that happened who knows ;)
But onwards and upwards (well, into Mr Hoodees spare room at least). We're looking forward to early next year when we should have a brand new studio to move into and finally call home.

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