Tuesday 12 January 2010

Feeling lucky punk

We like twitter here at GCHQ as we don't get out of the studio much and it's always nice to have a chat (in 140 characters or less) with like minded people about gear, music, tea, that sort of thing. Another great love around the studio (as a quick flick through this blog will confirm) is quirky, modded or handmade gear. So you can imagine we were rather chuffed when we were sent a couple of handmade audio toyz by Andy, one of our ridiculously talented Twitter friends.

This little 2 knob wonder is a basic noise synth built into a mint tin (fab touch) and appropriately named the 'Punkastic'. You want a rude synth noise-maker, this is your baby - it splutters, burps, pharts and bleeps like a good 'en.

Of course we couldn't resist having a quick play and sorting out a few samples for you guys so head on over to our soundcloud page where there's some wavs to mess with (first few are taken raw from the Punktastic, the second half are run through the Moogerfooger MuRF filter array).

Check 'em here and for fellow Twitter heads follow Andy here

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