Monday 23 March 2009

Timing is everything

Another busy spell here at GCHQ as we've sample commissions flying all over the shop at the mo and limited time to get it all done... Hey, but what's new.

Just finished up the dark dubstep set for FM, quite enjoy that dark slower style, nice excuse to get out the tape delays and spring reverbs - and to put pics of 'em on our blog!

The dusty bit of pipe to the left here is a 'Great British Spring Reverb', which I know we've mentioned before in our blog but after crawling around behind our rack and mackie mixer, we finally got around a problem we were having with our aux send/returns, so the bloody thing is finally up and running as it was meant to be - and great it sounds too!

We also finished off the hiphop samples for CM by completely changing our mind and doing some auto-tune vocals after all. Many thanks to Nat Edgoose for stepping in and doing a session of ohhs and ahhs for us to treat. Think we might be hearing a bit more from Nat in Groove Criminals sample sessions from now on.

On the gear front, we've been quite happy to cruise along with our current set up but when we heard that all production has finished on the Korg Microkorg (to make way for the V2 which we thing is bloody ugly), we managed to get hold of one of the ltd edition reverse key models.

We reviewed one of these when it first came out (for some mag or other) and really liked it, although the keys do feel like they are from the cheapest casio kids keyboard you can buy. Not quite sure why we never decided to get hold of one until now, but that's just us and timing.

As one sample commission gets sent out another replaces it so we're dug into some chip/computer game/8 bit style samples for CM - a grand excuse to get the gameboys and sequencing carts out - more on that in a later blog.

Only other real news is it's almost time for the Frankfurt Musikmesse again, we're all ready in plenty of time for once, with flights booked and show pass sorted. We'll be staying at our brother-in-laws again and will attempt to blog anything interesting either whilst we are there or when we get back.

That's about it, catch you later.

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