Wednesday 25 February 2009

Afternoon all.

Okay as slack as ever it's been a month since our last post. We do try, honestly and have been hammering twitter regularly (see post below).

09 has actually started pretty well, been busy with assorted monthly sample commissions for both FM and CM and have so far covered MOR singer-songwriter toolbox, trance and just finished a load of bassline/4x4 garage. I'm not going to get into any 'one genre of dance music is better than another' but it is true to say after significant podcast/mix listening there seems to be some great stuff being made and also some pretty unimaginative/lazy stuff - like always I guess.

On the gear front we've laid off our nerdy collecting urges in order to concentrate on working with,what is all being said, quite a sonic armoury as it is. I wonder if the new found joys of Mariokart wii have anything to do with this? Probably not.

In other news our good mate Spoons has upped and left for the snowy highs of Switzerland, which put us in a bit of a sulk for a while (but we're over it now) and we're glad he's settling in well and has decided to pick up those sticks again. Oh and Mr Hoodee had his 3* (censored you b#stards - Mr Hoodee) birthday, the old, funky git!

Coming up for us here at GCHQ is more of the same for CM/FM, a couple of projects for some sample CD companies and maybe some stuff to do with an Iphone/Ipod touch app....

All in all not too bad......

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